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  3. Monday, 20 July 2020
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Whats the difference between a Standard website vs Premium website?
is there any difference in the design?
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Our standard website bundle is aimed at those starting to build an online presence or brand awareness.
The Premium bundle extends that concept to provide more interaction with potential members.

By way of example, lets look at a plumber

Initially, they might only want a presence online. If someone wanted a plumber and did a search in the area, they would find the plumbers website.

This is probably the kind of website that would be suited to our Standard website bundle:
  • Who they are (About us page)
  • How long they have been around (About us page)
  • Services they provide (Services page)
  • Areas they service (Support areas page)
  • Call out fees, after hours charges & payment terms (Terms & Conditions page)
  • Contact details (Contact us page)

However, lets say that one day the plumber wanted to run a pipe-sealing special.
They would need to interact with new and existing customers.

This could easily be accomplished with our Premium website bundle:
  • They could spread the word to their customers (Latest news)
  • They could tell their online friends, who can then tell their friends. (Social media)
  • Maybe someone heard about the special and wants to know more (WhatsApp contacts)
  • Maybe a customer wants to know if there is a volume discount (Custom calculator widget)

Deciding which option is right for you will depend on what you want to use the website for.
Luckily you can start with a standard website design and move to the premium one when you are ready.
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