Premium website bundle

Your website need to work for you. To give you quick & easy access to potential new customers.
You want powerful features to engage online with your website visitors.

Turning website visitors into customers

Everything you need to interact with potential customers & website visitors.

WhatsApp contact
Our WhatsApp contact system allows customer to reach you with just a click of a button. What better way to get great new leads?
Latest News
Our Latest News system keeps customers informed about your business & industry. What better way to tell them about your new products?
Social Media
We build & integrate your Social media pages, so post once & update them all. What better way to get the word out about your business?
Custom widgets
Create customer interest through custom widgets, such as our pricing calculators. What better way to get your customers excited?

What's in the box?

Standard features

Custom designed website

We custom design & build a website for you, based on your specific requirements.
We also host it for you on our own dedicated webservers, so you don't have do anything else.

Domain registration

We register a new website domain for you (e.g. ).

If you already have an existing domain that you want to keep, we deal with your ISP to make it work with your new DesignBoys website.

Email address

We create a new email address for you (e.g.
This can be used for sending emails in your company name or emailing directly from your DesignBoys website.

We also include webmail, so you can read your email from anywhere, using just a web browser.

SSL certificate

We obtain an SSL certificate for you, so your website can make use of HTTPS.
This adds encryption to your website, making it safer & look more professional.

Analytics & tracking

We track your website using our Advanced Analytics, which means its easy to track what users do & see where they go on your website.

You can even see what devices they use, which helps with planning your mobile strategy.

Website monitoring

We monitor your website 24 x 7, so we are instantly aware in the unlikely event your website goes down. And most likely, we will have fixed the problem you even know there was one.

We also backup your website on a daily basis, so you always have that fallback option for peace of mind.

Standard Support

We take care of any minor updates for you, so its easy to all your company content up to date.

Best of all, its all included in the monthly price.

PLUS Premium features

WhatsApp Contacts

We add a WhatsApp contact button to every page, making it simple for members to contact you.
No need to constantly be watching the can respond instantly from anywhere, just using your cepllphone.

You don't even need to remember their contact details, its right there in your Whatsapp chat.

Custom widgets & calculators

We add 2 custom widgets to your website, such as quote calculators, charts, newsfeeds or forms.
These widgets are interactive, so we use them to create interest in your company & products.

For example, add a weather forecast based on the user's selected location. Or maybe a pricing calculator to estimate your based on selected quantities?
The options are endless...

Latest News or Blogs

You can choose between our "Latest news" or Blogging system.
No matter the option chosen, its a snap to post interesting new content about your company, industry or products.

Visitors can subscribe as well, automatically notifying them when new content gets posted.

Member comments

Our comments system allows visitors & customers to respond to your latest news or blogs.
This gives them the chance to ask questions or comment on the news.

This helps keep potential customers interested, allows you to answer their questions & get a fresh perspective on what your customers think.

Google My Business

According to Google, by having a Google My Business listing, businesses are 70% more likely to attract local visits from browsing users.

We create a business listing for you in Google My Business, which allows you to promote your Business Profile & business website on Google Search & Maps.

Social media

We create or update existing social media pages on FaceBook, Twitter & LinkedIn, ensuring the same details, look & feel as the new DesignBoys website.

With our premium Latest news or blogging systems, all that's needed to update your social media is to post on your own website.
All your social media pages are automatically updated.

How awesome is that?

Premium Support

We take care of any minor updates for you, so its easy to keep all your company content up to date.
Our premium support means that we will also update all of the premium content for you.

Best of all, its all included in the monthly price.