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FREE things you can do, to test your website SEO


Here are some easy, free things you can do to test how likely someone will find you, when searching Google for your products or services)
(or more accurately, your website's SEO or "Search Engine Optimisation")

To make it easy, we have excluded anything that requires signup or site verification, such as Google Analytics, Keyword planner or Search Console (which are really good, so if you are serious about SEO, think about signing up for the free Google tools too).

* replace with your actual domain name e.g.

These are just a few quick checks to get some idea of how well your site is likely to do in Google search results.
If you already aren't impressed with what you see, why should Google be?

To get good results from searches, you need to do a lot of additional SEO work, well beyond just creating the website.

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Does having good website SEO matter?
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Saturday, 21 May 2022

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