Proven process
You've got the ideas, you know what you want, so how long will it take to make it a reality?
We have a proven process for fast, painless website implementations.

Website design process

We use a standardised, proven process for designing & implementing websites
The initial project is focused on getting the standard website ready, with further design work being done if an advanced website is required.
Everything is done electronically, so location is irrelevant and we don't even have to visit your premises.

Our standard impimentation timeline below shows the days required for each step of the process.
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1. Standard Start 3 days

2. Website Design 5 days

3. Website go-live 2 days

4. Standard complete 1 day

5. Premium setup 5 days

6. User training 2 days

7. Premium complete 2 days

Additional information on each phase

  • 1. Standard start
    During this phase, we initiate the project. We will provide you with an electronic form to complete, which provides us with the basic information we need to build the standard website, as well as gain an understanding of what your vision is with regard to your website. We also collect any company brochures, product information & other pertinent data.
  • 2. Website design
    During this phase, we design the actual website for you. We may go through a number of iterations until you are satisfied with the design, layout, functionality and content. The actual time required will depend on the complexity of the website's design. We also use this phase to set up the website hosting, monitoring, backup & support systems.

  • 3. Website go-live
    During this phase, we register a new domain for you (if you do not have one) or request that your ISP point any existing domain to our servers. Once this is done and the domain name propagation process is complete, your new website will be visible to everyone on the web.
  • 4. Standard complete
    We do a final website review to ensure its functioning as agreed. We also show your nominated users how to request support from us for updates, system maintenance & request additional functionality. Your website is live and standard deployment is now considered complete.
  • 5. Premium setup
    During this phase, we set up any premium components requested, such as blogs, newsletter services & integrated Whatsapp chat. We also create or update any social media accounts for you, link these to your website & integrate them with your blogs / latest news system.
  • 6. User training
    Once everything is bedded down, we provide your designated users with documentation & training on how to use the premium website components, such as creating blogs, updating latest news, email subscription management & other advanced systems.
  • 7. Premium complete
    During this phase, we do a final review to ensure everything is functioning as agreed. Premium deployment is now considered complete & your website will have been upgraded to include advanced functionality.