By DesignBoys on Tuesday, 18 January 2022
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WhatsApp For Websites

After all that time spent creating a perfect website, doing the SEO, spending money on are finally starting to get traffic to your website.  But its not turning into sales! What gives???

This is problem many companies have, their website investment turns into nothing more than ongoing expense.
Something you need but not anything worth spending extra time and money on.

The real truth is not that websites are dead, but rather that we are not using them properly, not making it easy for our customers to do business with us.

Your website probably has a contact us page, contact details with your telephone number and a Quotation Request form.
But think about it, is that really the best way to interact with your customers?

Slow, impersonal and limited to one-way discussion.

Shouldn't it be quick, personal and easy!

Why not allow your customers to use WhatsApp to talk directly to you??? 

Adding a WhatsApp contact button to our website ( has had a remarkable impact on the number of new customer signups we get.
Potential members get to ask us all the important questions. Since they get to talk to a real person, they already have a more personable connection to us than to our competitors. 


WhatsApp for Websites

Its a simple button that appears on every page of your website.
When visitors click on the button, it pops open a panel that allows them to start a WhatsApp chat with you.
A great feature is that, before they start, they can see who they are talking to, so its not just an anonymous face-less chat.

For website owners, its an awesome way to engage with customers anywhere, anytime.
No more checking emails, doing quotes that never get accepted or being chained to the desk.

Easy, effective & cheap! 

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