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Hiding modules for responsive Joomla designs

If you use gantry 5 for your website templates, an extremely useful feature, available via Bootstrap, is the collection of responsive utility classes that can be used to help tweak layouts by providing a simple method of showing or hiding modules.  Insert the following module class suffixes into your module settings to show/hide a mo...

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Joomla and PHP Output Buffering

Joomla wants PHP output buffering to be switched off

 When doing a fresh install of Joomla, a popular CMS, users are often confronted with a message that states:Output Buffering should be disabled. This article attempts to explain, in non-technical terms, what Output Buffering is and why Joomla recommends that you disable it. We have also included a simple guide to show you how to disable PHP Ou...

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POPIA – South Africa’s new data protection law, in brief

Are you compliant with POPIA?

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is no longer only just a European data privacy law, it has also become a global data privacy standard – and the speed with which this standard is spreading around the world is increasing, ensuring a higher level of protection of end-user privacy on the Internet.  South Africa's POPIA is the la...

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What E-Commerce platform should I use?

What e-commerce platform should I use?

E-Commerce solutions allow you to start making money by running your own online store, but setting it up & keeping it maintained requires significant effort. So its really important to understand what you want from your e-commerce platform. Today most e-commerce platforms come as shopping cart systems, which can be: Independent (e.g. Open Cart,...

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FREE ways to test your website SEO

Free tools to test your website SEO

 Here are some easy, free things you can do to test how likely someone will find you, when searching Google for your products or services) (or more accurately, your website's SEO or "Search Engine Optimisation") To make it easy, we have excluded anything that requires signup or site verification, such as Google Analytics, Keyword planner or Se...

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Does good website SEO matter?

Good SEO is critical for any website.

Think about what your prospective customer is doing when they're using Google… They're NOT scrolling mindlessly through social media.They're NOT reading gossip about their friends.And they're NOT busy doing something else. No. It's the exact opposite. They have stopped what they're doing. They have typed (or spoken) a search query into Google. They...

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Google and Facebook fined for making cookies hard to refuse

Is your website compliant?

French privacy watchdog, the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), has hit Google with a 150 million euro fine and Facebook with a 60 million euro fine, because their websites—,, and—don't make refusing cookies as easy as accepting them. The CNIL carried out an online investigation after re...

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Website performance metrics

What to measure for your website performance

When looking at website analytics, such as Google or Matomo Analytics, there are tons of performance indicators.Its sometimes just information overload.  "Don't become too obsessed with data and metrics as they're often less than perfect." by Shopify All data is important, but a few key metrics stand out: Number of VisitorsThis is the number o...

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Are you protected from Ransomware?

Don't be a victim!

Ransomware attacks around the world are increasing, causing devastation and mayhem in small and large business alike. Image the arrive at the office ready for a full and productive day.Instead you find yourself locked out of your online systems, with no way to access any of your usual applications.No access to your emails, CRM, HR or w...

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My phone and laptop were both stolen. Now I am blocked from GMail!

What happens when Google needs verification and you have lost your phone?

So recently a customer approached us with an interesting dilemma.They wanted to know how to reset their GMail password after their laptop and cellphone were stolen. Many people use GMail for its convenience, cell phone compatibility and price. In fact its estimated that GMail has about 1.8 BILLION users and that close to 1 in 3 people use GMAIL, so...

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The Essential Guide to Marketing Your Small Business

The essential guide to marketing your small business online.

Even the best businesses in the world wouldn't get to where they are today without a good marketing strategy. Business growth is not linear, nor is it always entirely logical, but marketing your small business the right way can see you get to your goal much faster. That's why marketing your small business in the right way is so important. Get it wr...

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DesignBoys Product Overview

For our service pricing, click here Websites, e-commerce, social media, SEO, PPC, domains, can be very confusing.What do you actually need? What will it cost? Has everything been included? What if you need more features later? Stop worrying! DesignBoys has got you covered. Simply choose your bundle and we will provide you with everyt...

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WhatsApp For Websites

Get closer to your customers with personalized whatsapp chat.

After all that time spent creating a perfect website, doing the SEO, spending money on are finally starting to get traffic to your website. But its not turning into sales! What gives??? This is problem many companies have, their website investment turns into nothing more than ongoing expense.Something you need but not anything w...

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How does the latest Whatsapp privacy changes affect you?

How will the new Whatsapp privacy changes affect you?

Whatsapp recently announced changes to its terms and conditions, whereby your private user data would now be used by FaceBook for marketing and other purposes.The new rules will come into effect on 8th February - if you didn't accept them, your Whatsapp account would be terminated.(This deadline has now been extended to May). Should you be worried?...

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