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How does the latest Whatsapp privacy changes affect you?

Whatsapp Privacy How will the new Whatsapp privacy changes affect you?

Whatsapp recently announced changes to its terms and conditions, whereby your private user data would now be used by FaceBook for marketing and other purposes.

The new rules will come into effect on 8th February - if you didn't accept them, your Whatsapp account would be terminated.
(This deadline has now been extended to May).

Should you be worried? Should you accept the new terms? Why are so many people up in arms about it?
Apart from all the obvious "Big Brother is watching you" concerns, how does this really affect you?

What about your private business messages or those "Adult" messages and personal pics you might have been sharing?

Many people use whatsapp for private "adult" conversations with other people, sharing pictures, videos and private content....stuff you really don't want in the hands of strangers. Whatsapp stated that they don't access your private content, so you should be safe, right?
Well, whether or not you believe that is up to you (who wouldn't trust a multi-billion $ company that makes money by selling access to your information?).

However, Facebook, the owners of Whatsapp, have a very poor reputation when it comes to protecting private data. 

Did you know: People could possibly find your private Whatsapp group just by doing a Google search?
Imagine that? All your private business discussions available to anyone with Internet access

Private WhatsApp Group Links Were Exposed On Google Search Results: Report

Although this security breach has now been closed, it still shows just how vulnerable you are.
And besides that, there are still so many good reason NOT to risk using Whatsapp for adult conversations!
The most obvious is simply that your cell number is directly linked to the app and your conversations. i.e. your real name and personal details can easily be identified., but there are many, many more.

Phone numbers of WhatsApp Web users reportedly found on Google Search

Whatsapp is Facebook Messenger is Instagram

These concerns have many people thinking of switching to a different messaging app, but that's not going to work unless you completely sever ALL your links to Facebook.
Yes, thats right.... to make any difference, you will need to uninstall Facebook, Messenger, Instagram & Whatsapp!
If you don't, then why bother removing Whatsapp, since Facebook is already getting all your personal information through those other apps.

Is WhatsApp Safe? 5 Security Threats Users Need to Know About
5 Ways Facebook Invades Your Privacy (and How to Stop It)

So what are your options if you still want easy private messaging without the privacy risk?
Easy! Delete all Facebook apps (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger) and install a new messaging app, such as:

Just remember that many people will not switch, so its not a great idea to switch off your business Whatsapp account if you still want easy access to your customer base.
Unless there is a concerted mass-effort to move away from "big tech' solutions like Whatsapp, most of us will just have to live with it .
Simply put, Whatsapp is probably here to stay, no matter the cost to your personal privacy.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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